The third planet in a thirteen world system orbiting a single sun.

Its similarities to Earth are uncanny and disturbing to many. Nearly identical in mass and structure to the Earth, it’s surface area is seventy three percent water, and dry land can be found on three enormous continents, two above the equatorial line, one to the south. An archipelago of a hundred islands lies between the First and Second Northern Continents. A similar smattering of islands dots the ocean between the First Continent and the Southern Continent.

Despite its suitability for human habitation, large regions of Teloria required extensive terraforming, and numerous processing plants continue to reprocess the atmosphere even a hundred years later.

It too possess a lone, geologically inactive moon of comparable size to the Earth’s nearest companion, and a solar year of 366 days. Because of this, Teloria maintains two calendars: one following the Earth, the other aligned with Teloria’s four seasons, though the majority of the population and businesses make use of the Earth calendar.

Colonized a hundred years ago, the population of three hundred million is presently restricted to six immense city-states situated on the east and west coasts of the First Northern Continent, and a seventh city-state spread over the islands of the archipelago hundreds of kilometers off the east coast.

The City-States

Best described as sprawling megalopolises, each of the seven city-states are a million square kilometers of colonization with megascrapers that tower hundreds of storeys into the sky forming canyons of kronosteel, permacrete, and glass.

For various reasons, the megascrapers are reminiscent of ancient pyramids, though their volume is thousands of times greater, and many are large enough to function as Arcologies. The buildings are networked through bridgeways hundreds of feet above street level, and elevated mag-lev lines transport commuters with great speed and efficiency across the city-state.

Atmosphere processing stations constructed beyond the city-state outskirts work in conjunction with smaller scale stations within city districts to provide the residents with breathable air as the terraforming process continues across Teloria.

City-State of Ar Telica

Sketch of Ar Telica surrounding the harbor.

Ar Telica is the fourth city-state to be founded. It lies on the east coast of the First Northern Continent, and is home to forty million people.

The city is built around a horseshoe shaped harbor, its districts organized into circular regions referred to as Rings, with Ring Zero being the innermost ring of buildings surrounding the harbor.