Gun Princesses

To the people of the colonized world of Teloria, and the various habitats spread across the Teloria Star System, Gun Princesses are virtual avatars constructed to resemble idealized young human women, and remote operated by a female competitor known as a Princess Meister.

These avatars are wielded in battle in the Gun Princess Royale Championship, known to the public as an extremely realistic virtual competition that is highly popularĀ on Teloria.

At the end of each competition year (consisting of two 18 week championship seasons) the top ranked Gun Princess from each city-state on Teloria attains the title of Gun Queen. The Queens then compete in a battle royale known as the Gun Queen Royale for the ultimate rank of Gun Empress.

It is important to note that the label of Gun Princess, Gun Queen, and Gun Empress are used interchangeably by the sports media and reporting community when referring either to the avatar or the human operator (the Princess Meister) who controls it.

Gun Princesses of Note