The Story

Gun Princess Royale follows the life of Ronin Kassius – a nigh on 16 year old high school boy attending the prestigious Telos Academy in the city-state of Ar Telica, on the colonized world of Teloria – who finds himself an unwilling participant in the Gun Princess Royale championship, where competitors operate mechanical avatars called Gun Princesses in battle as they vie for the title of Gun Queen, and the right to compete for the vaunted rank of Gun Empress.

Unfortunately for Ronin he won’t be operating a Gun Princess but will instead be competing as one: the mysterious artificial entity known as Mirai, a Gun Princess created in the image of an attractive sixteen year old girl, gifted with preternatural speed and senses.

Yet it remains to be seen whether Ronin’s skill and resolve combined with Mirai’s physical abilities will be enough to see them defeat their opponents, and earn Ronin’s male body back.

Then again, Ronin may find that the toughest challenge to his mental fortitude and determination won’t be faced in the Gun Princess Royale, but in living his life as a girl — as Mirai — and surviving the battlefield known as…high school.