Book One – Awakening the Princess

Ronin Kassius – a 16 year old high school boy attending the prestigious Telos Academy in the city-state of Ar Telica, on the colonized world of Teloria – finds himself an unwilling participant in the Gun Princess Royale Tournament, after he is chosen by a powerful and enigmatic family to compete for them. However, before he sets foot in the field of battle, Ronin first faces a trial that will torture and torment his mind, body, and spirit, and toss him out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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Book Two – The Measure of a Princess

Now in the body of Mirai, the unique Simulacrum created by the mysterious and dangerous House Elsis Novis, Ronin faces a new challenge in a trial-by-fire that pits him against a thousand zombies in a setting that replicates Telos Academy in a desert in the middle of nowhere. If that wasn’t enough to keep him/her busy, the reigning Gun Queen of Ar Telica has chosen to turn the trial into a game for her benefit, and she’s made sure to include Ronin’s companions just to keep things interesting.

Currently serialized on Royal Road Legend (RRL).


Book Three – The Reluctant Princess

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