The prototype next-Gen Ultra-Grade Simulacrum created by the mysterious House Elsis Novis in their latest attempt to compete successfully in the Gun Princess Royale.

Described as a Simulacrum like no other, Mirai resembles an attractive 16 year old teenage girl, 178 cm tall in her Princess Regalia, with long blonde hair, grey eyes, and a D-cup bust.

Though slender of build, she is substantially stronger than other Simulacra, with preternatural physical abilities and enhanced senses, including the ability to see in the dark.

The wetware implanted in her brain allows her to interface with modern firearms, and communicate with her support A.I., the Maestro Class Artificial Awareness, M-83, nicknamed “Ghost”.

Unlike the other Gun Princess avatars, Mirai is not a machine.

Mirai bears a striking resemblance to the gravure model and idol, Mercedes “Mercy” Haddaway.