Cover mockups for Book One Concept.

Presented are examples of the initial concept for the ebook cover for Gun Princess Royale Book One – Awakening the Princess.

During the development of the novel, a number of test covers were produced. These were passed along to the cover artist, Jessica Allain, and after many discussions the final cover for Gun Princess Royale was produced.

Although these cover ideas were ultimately shelved, they serve as examples for the tone and direction the Gun Princess Royale series is headed toward.

You can read more on how these images came about and why in this Behind-the-Scenes post.

8 thoughts on “Cover mockups for Book One Concept.

    • Yes, it was a little tough getting the images to look decent enough to send over to the cover artist.

      I had to use some blurring of the lens to hide the base where her feet touch ground.

      • well first the others dont give off that sort of futuristic vibe that you’d expect from the story, the last one definitely does. Also the way her silhouette interacts with the background gives a sense of scale, it feels larger and more of a statement being made of taking on the world. The others feel closed in and narrow when it does seem the statement being made is one of her against the world and as I said I find only the last one really accomplishes that.

  1. Hey I read all of what could be posted on TGStorytime and am dying for more I don’t get my paycheck til next week but this book is SO on my list to get. TBH I thought I wouldn’t like it at first. . Despite that I have read the first 27,000ish words and absolutely crave the rest. I would die to get it sooner rather than later. If I could say anything. The intro while very informative went into things that seemed nonimportant, like the war, but you very carefully pieced together a world that is understandable and clear cut while still complex enough, and realistic enough, to be believable for our future. If you want any help I’d be happy to proof read or something. I know that some authors have people for that, but I always like to offer help in stories I honestly like. Thank you for making such a great story, can’t wait for more. Also I like the second picture the most because it is still busy enough yo believable for a modern colony, but it being a colony would not need large towers like earth because there is an abundance of land and not much need to build up rather than out. Also in relation to the other favorite #5 while the higher setting and lighting would indicate a future setting without breathing apparati it would be hard for people to breath that thin an atmosphere especially since the planet would have a week one being terraformed and not a natural atmosphere

      • Hello,
        Thank you for the comment and the offer.
        I currently have an editor who’s busy working on Book Two, making sure I make less mistakes this time around.
        Nonetheless, I do appreciate the offer.
        Since my reply is late, I was wondering if you’d managed to pick up a copy, and if so, I hope that the rest of the book did not disappoint you.

        Best wishes.

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