Updates: The World of Gun Princess Royale

Just some updates to the blog site, and a brief description of Teloria, and so forth in the World section.

More updates will come later, as we have more commissioned artwork to present in the coming weeks and months.

A sketch of Ar Telica surroundings it harbor.

2 thoughts on “Updates: The World of Gun Princess Royale

    • Hello,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re not able to purchase it.
      What are country are you in?
      Does the Amazon page say why you can’t buy it?

      I checked in the Amazon Kindle page for the novel and the book is available in the: US, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, France, and a few other countries.
      Are you able to purchase it from those sites?

      With the way Kindle Select works, I’m not able to put it on Google Books. I’m restricted to the Amazon shop. I would have to take it off Kindle Select. However, at the moment I get a better deal from Amazon than Google, so that’s why I’m keeping it on Amazon.

      Very sorry about this but I’m not sure what we can do about this.

      Best wishes.

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